Denise Jones

I could call this blog revisiting…
I finished this work a month ago after finishing the degree. I began making it a few years ago when my very dear father died. I hope there is a sense of time and moving forward in the piece. I found it interesting that I chose to revisit this piece of work in particular after the course had ended. I called it ‘Reclaiming Myself’. Looking at the piece now, I’m seeing time bending back on itself rather than a regular linear progression. I’m asking myself is that like time and memory bending back and then mapping a path forward?

I’ve been working on several pieces of work simultaneously. These are also revisited samples that I have now embroidered. This might become a long thin horizontal work. I might call the work ‘Between Print and Ink’ but it is still evolving.
I read something written by Anne Morrell yesterday. She says,
“Knowing what to leave out is as important as knowing what to put in. I cannot see how one can separate an idea from the making, and the journey. That is the idea and how you decide to say it. Embroidery, or the part that interests me, is a language as far as I’m concerned.’ (Excerpt from ‘Madras to Manchester’, to accompany her solo exhibition in Lodz, Poland 2001.)

In the meantime I went to an Art History open day and spoke to another student about embroidered textiles. The student responded, “I’m here about the ART’. I thought what a great title for some work.
I made these two small pieces as my ‘Reply’.

A second student said to me that his mum, ‘…did that sewing stuff’. So that’s why I made 2 replies.

Finally, I’m beginning to work towards a single cloth. The stitches are highly visible when stitched on the cloth in white bamboo and silk thread and then are secreted into the background linen when I paint them with dye. Through that process I am playing with the idea of visibility and invisibility.

2 thoughts on “Denise Jones

  1. Oh! I do like those two little zigzag books. And the disappearing stitches. Beautiful and meaningful work.
    “That sewing stuff” … title for an exhibition!

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