Denise Jones


Every Contact Leaves a Trace

The title of this blog came from a book I read over New Year by Elanor Dymott (It was a murder story set in Oxford). What intrigued me was the title of the book, as it made a connection to work I’m beginning to make for the exhibition in Cirencester in October which is to be called ‘Traces’.
The book title reminded me that somewhere in a work and informing the work is a person and a life lived, a life that exists within a certain contextual time frame and is surrounded and marked by a society.

I found another quote, a jewel of wisdom, from Walter Benjamin, written in 1935.
He said, ‘to live means to leave traces’ (from ‘Reflections’, p155).

I’m printing marks at the moment and trying to find a quality in them, and then I shall embroider between them with haphazard stitches.
Why?-I will keep asking that!

This new work is being informed by the quotes.
I think I’m exploring a tension, the idea that the work can be a record, a personal trace, and simultaneously a register and document of others imprinting on our lives.

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