Denise Jones

I’ve been exhibiting quite a lot of work recently. Here are some images of work looking very different in gallery spaces.
I finished the four embroidered panels that were in progress and mentioned in another blog entry. I called this work, “Embroidering Between Print and Ink’.

'Embroidering between Print and Ink'
‘Embroidering Between Print and Ink’


'The Hope Tree'
‘The Hope Tree’
'The Way Through the Woods'
‘The Way Through the Woods’
'Other Pages: Writing It Differently'
‘Other Pages: Writing It Differently’

In the gallery, I was excited to see it with the light positioned to give maximum sheen. I was pleased as the work had been created with so little, -linen, silk, ink and one needle. There are also photos of other work exhibited this month. I hope you like the images!

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