Denise Jones

Box weaving with linen
Box weaving with linen
Linen warp and weft of even weight
Linen warp and weft of even weight

Box Weaving
I’ve been weaving strips of linen to help explore the relationship between even weave linen and embroidery. I need to re-affirm the reasons why I use linen, so I thought I would go back to making the cloth to see what I find out.
It is fascinating, taking note of the rhythm, and the plucking of the bobbin when it catches the warp-just like a cello or violin.
The tangled threads beautifully ‘become’ the structured grid. I am more appreciative of the threads in the process and the preciousness of cloth, the time it takes to make a small piece by hand.
I’m looking forward to taking it off the loom and to feel how firm it is.

One thought on “Denise Jones

  1. I like the effect created by leaving some space between the weft threads rather than pushing them up together. It seems to emphasise the undulating movement of the thread over and under the the warp. How wide is the piece?

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