Traces – Exhibition Review

We were very fortunate to to have Liz Harding write the following review of our exhibition shown in Cirencester in October 2013.

The first impression on entering the gallery is of light and space, not easy to achieve in such a low ceilinged room. The group has presented their work in an elegantly simple way which suggests empathy between the exhibitors and this is evident in the sensitivity with which their work has been arranged.


This sensitivity is also apparent in the way the hints of colour and circular forms in Val Cross’s centrally placed ‘Memory Pool’ are thoughtfully placed with the rusty brown metal circle providing a focal point around which the other rings appear to float. ‘Mind Wave I – III’ suggest a development in Val’s thinking. It will be interesting to see how these might develop in form and scale.

‘Gas Works’ simple hand stitched blocks by Caroline Hibbs succeeds as a textural statement. There is a maturity in the way they have been kept simple with subtle partial repetitions and occasional glimpses of red.

Jean Kirk’s subtle ‘Traces in Time’ shows the potential of simple repetitive movement created through stitch when used on a large scale to flow from ceiling and along the floor.

Marilyn Hall’s blue ‘Circles Series’ move in the breeze from the doorway and raw edges and hanging threads add to the light floating effect. Careful examination is rewarded with tiny glimpses of white stitching amongst the blue. Very different in process and mood from Marilyn’s previous work, it will be interesting to see how this more minimal approach will develop.


In ‘Overlook” Denise Jones makes clever use of the gallery space using the narrow shelf of the ducting to make a site specific pieces of work which as it travels around the space quietly encompasses the work of the whole group. ‘Quietly, with every stitch’ is well placed, in keeping with its title not immediately obvious when one enters the gallery. With its beautiful sheen and movement created by subtle use of directional hand stitch the piece speaks loudly of the potential for hand stitch to make a strong statement.

It is to the credit of the whole group that they have not been afraid to make work of sufficient scale to stamp their authority on the space in this their first group exhibition, long may it continue. It will be interesting to follow the progress of the group as they continue to grow in confidence.

Liz Harding October 2013

One thought on “Traces – Exhibition Review

  1. Wow – this exhibition is very exciting. I read about your show going to London in april in Embroidery magazine – and found your blog to find out more. So pleased for you all – and the show looks really good. xx

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