Denise Jones

Collected Silences


I continually draw analogies between the poetics of text and my practice using cloth, thread and embroidery. I really enjoy playfully connecting literature and my work, and sometimes I find a perfect quote. Literary criticism is also a great aid in helping me to underpin and reflect upon my work.

My latest work for exhibition is called ‘Collected Silences’ and was inspired by the short story written by Heinrich Boll called ‘Murke’s Collected Silences’.
I made the envelopes for Prism at The Mall Galleries, London this year (2014) and they will be re-exhibited at The Knit and Stitch Show (2014) at the Prism stand.
I’m expanding upon this installation and making hundreds of envelopes for the Quinary exhibition at Stroud International Textiles next year 2015.

In the short story the key character Murke, implies that semiotic silences can reveal as much as symbolic words, and that what is, or has been unsaid has a power and significance of its own. The sealed, stacked and stained envelopes in cloth, thread, ink and wax became bearers of those silences.

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