Marilyn Hall

Spent a lovely day in the V&A members room with the ‘Quinary’ group, catching up on hectic summer days, planning for our exhibition at Stroud International Textile Festival next May and discussing our creativity. When you work independently at home as so many of us do, it is easy to become isolated and bogged down in your own small world. To get together with like minded friends for a ‘show and tell’ of current thinking and working is wonderfully stimulating.

Struggling to find a creative path, I have gone back to basics. I have been trying to analyse exactly what it is that I want to concentrate on and where I would like to journey but I think I shall just pick up cloth that I love and stitch it spontaneously, no planning or forethought just doing it. Whatever comes to hand that I feel inclined to stitch on. I think I have spent too much time looking for meaning and reasons and lost the plot a bit.

Hopefully I will have some wonderfully inspiring images of things that I have done to post in a week or so.

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