Denise Jones

The Past is Always With You
The Past is Always With You

Embroidery, Cloth, Skin, Psychoanalysis

I’ve just received some work back from assessment and here are images from my sketchbooks and workspace. Included  are my emerging works for The Lansdown Gallery in Stroud in May this year.

I’m calling the large linen cloth, Through. There is a detail of the screen printing hereThe threads are of rayon paper and I’m hoping to trail and float them either side of the free standing cloth. The second work is called, The Past is Always With You and is a development of the work I made for Prism last year. My dad must have made the box in woodwork classes in the 1920’s. He kept his ‘important’ documents in it all his life, like a mini filing cabinet and I’ve inherited it.


I hope you enjoyed them and

I hope you can come to Stroud!

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