Denise Jones

The Sewing Machine Project

I thought you might like to see some images of work just finished for The Sewing Machine Project. I have decided to concentrate my research on the production of Singer machines at Clydebank. The factory has long since closed. It once employed thousands of skilled and semi skilled women and men.

I couldn’t help but draw an analogy with Clyde shipbuilding especially when I found that some of the inner machine parts were riveted.

Here are my images. I’ve called the work ‘Red Clyde’.


The work is about absence and loss. The thick red thread is threaded with spent needles and when you pull it it makes a chug chug sound in the hollow shell of the machine casing. The red threads were cobweb like.

I  made a visual connection with the crane at the dockside, especially because both machines have ‘arms’. The window like spaces of the sewing machine also made me think of the windows of the crane.


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