Denise Jones

Finishing the MA

Here are some images of my labour of love for the MA, my final work. I called it, Out of the Frame: Embroidering My Self -Edge. It was a whole piece of linen cloth and I repeatedly withdrew the threads and embroidered them back into the remaining cloth. I had to cut away the manufactured selvedge to do this. The emerging cloth had dimension and appeared to be more organic and was multiply threaded. It left behind the frame of threads and the original gridded cloth in the corners.

Everyone asked me how long it took to make and I could not count the hours-hundreds,  five broken needles, and fingers with broken skin. I used the stone to anchor the cloth and momentarily fix it whilst I worked. You might recognise the scissors. The simplicity of using one piece of cloth made all the reflective practice much easier as there was so little ‘noise’ to confuse my thoughts.

I wrote the poem so that I was juxtaposing symbolic text with embroidery. I call it embroidery, the process of embroidering. What would you call it and why?

The strangest feeling is that I miss making this cloth, as if I still be-long in it.

Interestingly, the cloth didn’t cross the dangerous frame of upholstery nails. It is still within that frame.



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