This is the first ever spinning on my new Turkish drop spindle bought for me as a ‘special’ birthday present.  I am finding the spinning challenging but really a beautiful experience to take the time to learn to work with these fluffy fibres and turn them into yarn to work with for my weaving. I am enjoying getting to know the different fleece structures and the way they spin. Its slow and contemplative, I can’t think of anything else and so quite meditative in experience. I love working with the drop spindle as its a very simple tool and in essence so is the process but I have set myself the task of spinning for 20 minutes every day as I really think the only way to learn is to get on with it and if things go wrong (and they do) then I just have to try and solve the problem. I am trying not to be too hard on myself when I get a thick bit and then a thin piece but I have realised looking at other hand spinners that this is just the way things are even with the very experienced hand spinners.  Off to do my 20 minutes now.

Published by kayswancutt

Hand Stitcher, weaver, spinner using plant dyes

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