Here : Now

Online Exhibition Caroline Hibbs, Jean Kirk, Kay Swancutt, Marilyn Hall, Monika Brueckner

Caroline Hibbs ‘Marks we leave behind’

My work was inspired by the marks we leave behind that perhaps we shouldn’t.

Hand stitch, cotton cloth and thread, 100 x 80 cms

Look carefully and-

See patterns all around you.

Beautiful or not

Marks are everywhere

In spray paint, scratched or gouged.

On walls, doors and trees 

Love tokens on trees 

Cave paintings there to thrill for-

millions of years

All left by …. humans 

Marks are Here:Now and Were:Then

And will always be.

Jean Kirk ´Being in the moment´

This work is about being present in the moment, fully aware of life as it is now. 

The main body of work consists of a number of ten centimetre squares, knitted in four ply wool and coloured with natural dyes. Garter stitch forms the background, small stocking stitch squares, embedded within, speak about being present ‘in the moment’. 

The second piece is a three metre strip knitted in four ply natural wool. Differing needle sizes vary the tension; the moment we have may change, but we should always be aware of it.

Kay Swancutt Woven : Time

This work is about time; time taken, time being, time valued, time spent and time validated.

The time taken to choose the materials, slowly selecting the warp, warping up and winding the shuttles. Importantly being present when the weaving is taking place.

Weaving is a meditative time and the relationship between the materials, process and me is a closely guarded time.

The piece is a visual record of the experience and the quiet simple work is the reality of the experience that talks about the flow that occurs when in the present moment.

Marilyn Hall Locked in: A moment in time

This work holds a moment in time. A memory. A walk along a beach;

items I collected became my inspiration and shells and pebbles suggested a colour palate.

Natural dyes obtained from my garden were used to dye pieces of repurposed cloth. Randomly selected and stitched into patches they hold the memory of the walk and the quiet, reflective time spent stitching.

Ceramics imprinted with the patches and shaped over the pebbles make ‘vessels of memory’ which become a permanent recollection of time and place.

This work acts as metaphor for footsteps taken along my creative journey. 

Monika Brueckner Here : Now

The human body is a kind of vessel

storing and giving up – there are secretions and secrets, several openings in the light or in the unknown dark; inside the container are more and more smaller spaces –  folded, structured and colored, an exciting unknown place – an existence. We are here. 

The inside opens up new exiting views. Unknown spaces metamorphose into a magical world by looking through a microscope. The unfamiliar can be uncanny and blurred and at the same time fascinating. 

Our body is the home of our soul and this has as well aspects which we hide, don’t want to look at but also loved and positive ones. What we show depends on the now, the moment.

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