Virtual working together time

Each year we aim to spend some time working together as a group. 

We have found this time invaluable for several reasons; it gives us focused time for work; it allows us to spend time together to see what we are each working on; to discuss as a group and on an individual basis the ideas, inspiration and evolving work; to critique our work; to engage in some critical debate and to talk about future plans for the group.

For obvious reasons this has not been possible for the past two years.  Earlier in 2021 we discussed the issue of how to overcome the restrictions as we were missing this valuable time.  The result was a virtual 3-day event.

Each day began with a virtual meeting to discuss our plans for the day. We posted images for discussion in the plenary session that was held at the end of each day.

Some of us continued with ongoing research and experimentation whilst others chose to begin planning and trialing new work. 

Monika Brueckner

Monika is working with the theme ‘moon’. Stitching onto fabric and photos, using a range of threads. 

‘After a long time of not stitching the work is calming me and has had a meditative aspect’

Monika Haeussler-Goeschl

Monika is continuing her knitted pieces, exploring how to interpret the ‘rhythms of time’.

Marilyn Hall

Wool found whilst walking in Scotland is the inspiration for Marilyn’s explorations.

‘Using the wool as a starting point I will see where it takes me.’

Caroline Hibbs

Caroline is working with the theme ‘Emotions’.  Exploring pattern and how to portray emotions in a visual way.

Jean Kirk

Using woollen yarn that Jean dyes herself with natural dyes, she is continuing her exploration of knitting.  She is ‘pushing the curve further’.

Marian Murphy

Marian is moving out of her comfort zone with her use of colour and scale.  ‘Blue and big’ is how she describes where she is going.

Kay Swancutt

Kay is working with her natural dyed wools and exploring colour combinations through tapestry weaving.

‘Little hand made balls of plant dyed yarn.  I somehow like them more than the ones on the ball winder’.

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