Come and see a live exhibition

Beyond Blue

A collaboration of Textile and Watercolour Artists

Monika Brueckner and Susan Miller met during their MA Fine Art studies.  It was during an exhibition of the MA cohort’s degree show, in Monika’s home town, Herxheim, in Germany, that the idea arose to bring together both artists’ mediums, producing themed work and responding to one another’s interpretation of that theme. 

Sue and Monika presented their idea to their colleagues and a group of 9 artists came together.  Each member of the watercolour group partnered with an artist from the textile group. 

The chosen theme was ‘Beyond Blue’.  

On completion of their response, each artist presented their work to their nominated partner, who in turn responded to their partner’s work using their own chosen medium.

This exhibition of textiles and watercolours, is a stimulating approach to producing and presenting a creative response, constrained by a single idea.

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