Small beginnings: Marilyn Hall

What to do and where to begin?  This is a question I often find myself asking when a previous piece is completed.  I am trying to stick to my rule of not buying new materials unnecessarily when I have lots of supplies lying around just asking to be worked on.

Looking for inspiration in a recent sketchbook I came across a page that caught my imagination.

The blue reminiscent of indigo I spend much time working with. The linear pattern formed by the squares are another interpretation of the path, the creative journey I am on.

Moving forward I looked through offcuts of indigo and natural colour cloth that I could use in some way. Hidden amongst them was an offcut of orange silk.  I had the colour scheme ready to hand and just had to decide what to do with it.

I cut the fabrics into small squares and began making 9 square patches. 

Anything, no matter how small, to get started.  It might not lead anywhere but…. it might.

The supply of squares was finally exhausted and I had produced a pile of 48 squares.

What now?….

A pieced quilt? No, not my style

Stitch them to a length of cloth? No, didn’t like the look of that

Stitch them together into a long strip?  As I stitched a path began to emerge

I have found my way again.  Almost by accident I am producing another interpretation of the creative path I am journeying along.

It has turned out to be 9 metres long and 14 centimetres wide

I photographed it in the landscapes I love and produced a book.  Words by my sister Fran, accompany the images.

‘how many people passed through here’…?
‘out of the depths of history’
‘lines of sea and sand stretch a path to the farthest shores’

The book accompanied the work which was in our ‘Beyond Blue’ exhibition in Hastings during October

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