Time – Live – Objects

Monika Brueckner

To come back into creative work, I started an online course with Katie Sollohub: “Memory of the self “. By working through the different tasks, I came over with blind drawing.  In mind we should go through our house and draw things, places, or objects we remember. The outcome was fascinating. I always stopped and draw objects which relate to personal important persons or events. And the drawings showed my inner picture – my emotions, visible more for myself.  A special bowl – a present of my most loved cousin, the secretary of my grandmother, where the key had to be torn to open the shelf and the play with the Steiff animals could start, an English ceramic vase bought in Chichester during my first workshop with Julia Caprara etc. 

The visit of the exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe: “Critical Zones” brought up again my interest of Sarah Sze´s work. “Flash Point” filled up a huge space and the visitor could become part of the installation itself. So I did a bit of research and came over to the TED talk of Sarah Sze https://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_sze_how_we_experience_time_and_memory_through_art .She talks about the development of her work and how she tries to present her inner picture. This was the binding point to my memory blind drawings. 

You can´t take a photo of your inner picture, you must find a way to present it. My inner wish was to translate the drawings into 3D which brought up the material wire. After several experiments the best one is aluminium wire, which you can easily bend. 

The cold haptic of the wire doesn´t relate to the inner memories stored in the wire drawn objects. So, I decided to wrap them with different kind of warm wool. 

I tried three different outcomes. Each one relates to diverse emotional situations which have an impact to the stored memories of the object. 

As we all know the memories change over time and so the different versions talk about this aspect. 

As well there is a transformation from cold to warm, sometimes diffuse emotional situations to positive warm ones. 

By an unexpected gifted book about the artist Bettina Lüdicke https://bettinaluedicke.de I will rethink my position. Exiting what this inspiration will bring up. 

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