Caroline Hibbs


My work is rooted in my love of cloth and making. As a child I made small clothes for my doll, graduating into making for myself.  I knew then that I would never be without a sewing box.  The sewing box is the only thing I would rescue from a fire after my family.

It is the cloth, especially recycled cloth, that leads my work now, engaging with its qualities of drape, softness, texture and feel is a huge part of my life  Using the processes of dye, print, stitch or manipulation, the cloth can be transformed into small treasures, which may then become a much larger piece of work.

Working this way engaging with small pieces of cloth means I am in control of the making and I use hand stitching to connect its past and its future.  It is such  peaceful pleasure.


2006 – 2012 BA(Hons) Embroidered Textiles

2000 – 2005 OCN Embroidery parts I,II,III,IV

1993 – 1997 City and Guilds Creative Studies, Fashion Part I and II


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