Quinary welcomes two new members

Quinary welcomes Marian Murphy and Monika Häußler-Göschl as new members who joined the group in the spring.  Marian and Monika will be posting on the blog very soon so that you can see how exciting their work is and how it will enhance the work of the other members of Quinary Marian Murphy Field ofContinue reading “Quinary welcomes two new members”

Less Colour – View Inside – Colour – Secrets in Folds ….. Monika Brueckner

My work is driven by personal experiences, feelings and the subconscious. The vessel as a female symbol for holding and giving up was used often and appears in the presentation in various outcomes.  The knowledge, that emotions from former generations are given to the next by the subconscious, was the starting point for my BAContinue reading “Less Colour – View Inside – Colour – Secrets in Folds ….. Monika Brueckner”

Looking for inspiration and patterns…… Caroline Hibbs Someone once said to me that looking for inspiration is like wading in mud.  My first thought was ‘what a ridiculous thought;’ but after pondering over it I realised …. that is exactly what it is.  During this time of Covid 19 it has been difficult to thinkContinue reading

Old Iron Fence Post. Marilyn Hall

The River Avon – Shakespeare’s Avon – runs through our village. Shallow and wide, it provided an easy crossing here, one of only two between Warwick and Stratford. The river rises up near Naseby, flows for 85 miles to its confluence with the Severn near Tewkesbury. Most mornings before breakfast I take a walk throughContinue reading “Old Iron Fence Post. Marilyn Hall”